Les 2 Ateliers

Art Contemporain


Installation art
Vidéo and sound

Véronique Durazzo Tordjeman – Didier Ducrocq – 2016

time : 28 minutes loop
10 corroded mercury mirrors, metal bars, wooden base, 2 video projectors, filament lamp, sound card, 6 speaker monitors, midi interface, computer, Logic pro  and Isadora softwares.

Ateliers galerie Recto Verso – Reims 2016
La Villa Douce, academic University headquaters – Reims 2016
Frichorama – Reims 2017
Petite formes mouvantes et émouvantes – Meung sur Loire 2018

For this installation, the artists filmed, recorded friends, strangers, in their workshops and during their travellings.
Ten corroded mirrors are presented as a polyptych. They take the place of supports for projected video images, traces of a revealed memory, where the gaze is unable to make a tour of its object all at once.
In this « environment » sound participates in the recomposition of space, it is sculpture. It crosses the space from the center to the outside, collides with the walls, reflects on it in analogy to the mirrors, the spectator is then at the heart of a form of immersive and sensory device. The sounds, the texts, by their slow transformations, bring the viewer into an arrhythmia that recreates the conditions of an inner experience.

Metaphysical questions are at the heart of Véronique and Didier  creation, which questions their relation to the Universe. The notion of space-time is a constituent. It emerges through the plastic and sound processing, by a work on the morphosis of video images and sound, by the displacement of spatio-temporal landmarks, by the convocation of other artistic forms, the cinema, the poetry, the music, the painting …
In this plastic and sonic treatment, technological and digital tools are inherent to their artistic process.

Portraits and sounds try to incarnate in turn an artistic form that reconfigures an analogy between the time that is made and the material that is undone, and invites a metaphysical journey.

This installation offers the viewer multiple readings, sensory and cultural points of view and invites to a memorial, intimate and collective crossing.

Images from video